Lesson 10: Sea Turtles

Posted Sunday April 12, 2020 by Reef Relief

Lesson Topics: Sea Turtles

Key Points:

-What is a Turtle?

-Turtles vs Tortoises

-Natal Homing

-Sea Turtle Nesting

-The “Lost Years”

-Prehistoric Sea Turtle

-Current Sea Turtle Species




-Worksheet 1: Who Am I? (All Ages)

Worksheet 1- Who am I sea turtles

Worksheet 1- Who am I sea turtles ANSWERS

-Worksheet 2: Scutes vs Species Activity (For older kids)

Worksheet 2- Sea turtle scutes

Worksheet 2- Sea turtle scutes ANSWERS

-Worksheet 3 and additional handouts: Sea Turtle Craft (all ages)- You only need to print one handout, pick which turtle species you would like to make and only print out that specific one!

Worksheet 3- Turtle Cutouts (1)

Worksheet 3- Create Your Own Sea Turtle

Handout- Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Handout- Green Sea Turtle

Handout-Kemp Ridley


Handout- Leatherback

Sea Turtle Tracking:


Additional Sea Turtle Activities:


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