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Skip The Straw Campaign

Join Reef Relief in skipping the straw!


On September 5, 2019 the City of Key West passed ordinance 19-12, City Code of Ordinances 26-312, banning the distribution or sale of plastic (and bio-plastic) straws and stirrers and requiring the use of plastic free compostable or reusable straws and stirrers in the city.

Many businesses around the Florida Keys have signed Reef Relief’s pledge, promising to only provide customers with plastic straws upon request. They will no longer automatically serve straws with drinks. Customers are encouraged to think twice about their consumption before asking for a straw. This not only saves the business money, as they use and purchase fewer straws, but can significantly reduce plastic waste that ultimately finds its way into our oceans as marine debris.

Straws are one of the top ten sources of plastic marine debris, but we really do not need them! The best way to keep plastic out of the ocean is to stop it at the source, by simply using less of it. To do this, Reef Relief believes it is necessary to shift demand away from single-use plastic, using awareness campaigns to change consumers’ attitudes about the short term convenience of plastic. Reef Relief reports that businesses around the island have been very receptive to the campaign, many even doing more than they pledged by using compostable alternatives or getting rid of straws altogether!

Straw-Less Florida Keys – Promotional Video by Docklight Productions

For businesses interested in joining the campaign or for more information, email Reef Relief at [email protected], call 305-294-3100, or stop by the environmental center at 631 Greene Street.

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