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Formerly known as Big Kids Coral Camp


*Campers are selected based on the application questions they answer so, please have them take their time while filling out the packet. Return campers do not have a guaranteed spot.

Cost: $400.00, includes a $100.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit

Age: 10-14

Registration is based on applications, not all applicants will receive a camp spot. Campers may only participate in one week of Reef Explorers Coral Camp.

Applications will open March 13, with first round of decisions sent out March 30. Applications will then be accepted on a rolling basis through April.

Scholarships will be made available for both weeks.

This camp is designed for the aspiring marine scientist aged 10-14. Campers will practice collecting scientific data through fish counts, observations, water quality monitoring, and other methods throughout the week. They will also be observing various marine ecosystems around the Key West and the Dry Tortugas National Park in order to compare and contrast the anthropogenic factors in the areas.

Campers will spend three days and two nights in the Dry Tortugas National Park in primitive camp sites. Campers will be expected to help with daily tasks for the group. The other two days will be spent in the local Key West waters. Participants in Reef Explorers Coral Camp will be snorkeling every day and receive various marine science lessons throughout the week. Their retention will be measured by a pre and post quiz.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We sent in the application, how do I pay my deposit?

Campers are not guaranteed a spot based on application submission, families may pay the $100.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit upon receiving the registration packet once accepted.  

Why does Reef Relief decide camper participation? 

Reef Explorers Coral Camp is a massive endeavor that contains 3 days In a remote area, away from any hospital or contact from Key West. This camp is an opportunity for those aspiring young scientists to learn and grow. Reef Relief uses the application to determine which applicants will be of best fit for the program. We hold our Reef Explorers to a high standard and give them larger responsibilities and tasks by staff.

How does Reef Relief decide camper participation?

Reef Relief considers a few things to determine campers. The first consideration is the application answers, staff looks for a few things that will indicate a successful experience. Second, staff considers their behavior from any previous camp experience  / Reef Relief sanctioned activities. Third, staff uses the teacher references. Finally, staff considers when the application was received. If the applications are received too late staff may not be able to reach out to references and discuss before decisions are released. 

I am not local and would like to book our hotel before decisions are out, can you make and exception?

Reef Relief will not make exceptions or give any family special treatment in regards to applications, registrations, or decisions. We aim to be fair in all of our decisions. We suggested registering for regular coral camp (if they are within the correct age) for the week that you are interested in for Reef Explorers Coral Camp and pay the $50.00 Non refundable deposit. Should they be accepted, the non refundable deposit will be transferred to their Reef Explorers Coral Camp non refundable deposit. 

What if my child does not get accepted for Reef Explorers Coral Camp?

If your child does not get accepted for Reef Explorers Coral Camp 2022 please do not feel discouraged. We receive many amazing applications and cannot accept them all. There are many factors that can contribute to them not getting accepted. We encourage you to apply again next summer.