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July 23, 2013
Coral Camp 2013

The girls learning at the Eco-Discovery Center

July 23, 2013
Coral Camp 2013

Our little Italian camper Ricardo got to hold a cockatoo for the first time as some of the other campers got to touch a nurse shark!

July 23, 2013
Coral Camp Week 6

Week 6  The campers got to see a wild manatee swimming in the marina after our exciting trip to the Aquarium and then Mel Fisher’s Treasure Box!!

July 14, 2013
Big Green Bus

We were able to have the Big Green Bus come visit us here at Reef Relief on July 5th. Thank you guys so much for visiting us!

July 10, 2013
Coral Camp 2013 Key West Wildlife Center

Wild Life Center and the Aquarium Week 4

July 2, 2013
Coral Camp 2013 Week 3

Coral Camp Week 3 It’s Week 3 of Reef Relief’s Coral Camp! We are so excited to have another week teaching the kids, not just about the Reef, but everything to do with Key Wes…

July 1, 2013
Coral Camp 2013 Week 2

Coral Camp Week 2 Week two of Coral Camp from Reef Relief song used: He Mele No Lilo by Lilo & Stitch

July 1, 2013
Coral Camp 2013 Week 1

Coral Camp Week 1 Reef Relief’s first week of Coral Camp! song used: Hawaiian Rollarcoaster Ride by Lilo & Stitch the Movie

June 28, 2013
Snorkel Trips Coral Camp 2013 Week 3

Fort Zach The kids were hyped up for the beach! We had a few kids who never snorkeled before, and one who never swam before. But we were still able to get all of the kids in the water and pumped up about marine life. Some of the kids saw lion fish, nurse shark, and […]

June 12, 2013
Tuesday, Coral Camp 2013 Week 1

We started off camp with a lesson on Water Quality. The kids learned what it meant to have good water and why it’s important. The kids were enthusiastic about the health of the environment as well as sharing stories. After the basics of snorkeling, the donated Taxi service took us and the kids to the […]