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We started off camp with a lesson on Water Quality. The kids learned what it meant to have good water and why it’s important. The kids were enthusiastic about the health of the environment as well as sharing stories.
After the basics of snorkeling, the donated Taxi service took us and the kids to the Eco-Discovery Center! Inside, the kids went on a scavenger hunt, saw a movie in the theater, and saw feeding time at the tank.
Lunch at the picnic tables didn’t last long as the kids were hyped up for the snorkel adventure. Some of the kids stayed to the shallows as others ventured off to see Lion, Parrot, and Pork fish (one of them said to have seen a baby shark as well). The little ones giggled over finding coral skeletons that washed up on shore.
Some of the kids who were able to pull away from the water went on a nature trail and saw Fort Zach, as the rest of the kids splashed about.
Although we had to head back to the center, the kids got to see Mango, the Amazon Parrot in the taxi trip back.
Rather worn out, the kids changed back into normal clothes and started to work on their Environmental Posters. Overall, another great day at Coral Camp!