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Fort Zach
The kids were hyped up for the beach! We had a few kids who never snorkeled before, and one who never swam before. But we were still able to get all of the kids in the water and pumped up about marine life. Some of the kids saw lion fish, nurse shark, and schools of fish. Some of the kids got out of the water early and made impressive sand castles and buried one of the consolers. Overall great day.

Sand Key
The boat ride is always fun with the kids, especially when there are waves rocking the boat. The water clarity was the clearest yet this summer, massive scenery surrounded us. Even though the was a strong current, it was worth it to see coral monuments reaching for the surface. We didn’t see a lot of big fish snorkeling, but we saw a small pod of dolphins on the way back! All the kids hung onto the railing, pointing and smiling. There were even two calves swimming with us. Just like last time Fury let the kids raise the sails, they certainly felt like sailors.

Eastern Dry Rocks
Some of the kids got to experience moon jelly fish and sea lice. Still, not a single kid wanted to stay out of the water. Those who didn’t want to snorkel jumped, flipped, and spun off the side of the boat. The snorkelers were able to see a nurse shark as well as moray eels, hog fish, and barracudas. Seabago let some of the kids steer the boat, it was tough to get some of the kids off of the wheel at points, but it was worth it.