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June 11, 2014
Regulations for Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council has posted online the latest version of its Federal Fishing Regulations for both commercial and recreational fishing. For recreational regulations Federal fishing regulations are not always the same as state fishing regulations. For species that are not managed by federal regulations, states have the authority to extend […]

February 6, 2014
Palau President Tommy Remengesau Jr declares marine sanctuary, bans all commercial fishing

Australia News Network. Feb. 6, 2014 Palau's President Tommy Remengesau Jr. has declared the Pacific nation will become a marine sanctuary, where no commercial fishing will take place. Mr Remengesau has told a UN oceans conference Palau's 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone will be a "100 per cent marine sanctuary", and commercial operations will […]

Cost of Putting Seafood on Dinner Tables: 650,000 Marine Mammals Killed or Hurt by Foreign Commercial Fishing Each Year

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jessica Lass, office 415-875-6143, cell 202-468-6718, [email protected] *Broadcast quality video, slideshow, and infographics available* Cost of Putting Seafood on Dinner Tables:  650,000 Marine Mammals Killed or Hurt by Foreign Commercial Fishing Each Year Consumers Can Take Action & U.S. Can Protect Endangered Marine Mammals by Cracking Down on Foreign Fisheries Supplying Some […]

Ocean-grabbing threatens the food security of entire communities

From: Olivier De Schutter, Ecologist, Published November 15, 2012 08:43 AM All over the world, food systems and the ecosystems they rely on are coming under pressure from the over-exploitation of natural resources. But nowhere are these impacts occurring as rapidly and dramatically as in the world’s oceans. Between 1970 and 1990, buoyed by […]

Naïve Fish Make Easy Targets For Spear Fishers

  November 13, 2012. ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies Big fish that have grown up in marine reserves don’t seem to know enough to avoid fishers armed with spear guns waiting outside the reserve. The latest research by an Australian team working in the Philippines into the effects of marine reserves […]

September 27, 2011
Discovery Gives Hope For Saving Coral Reefs September 27, 2011 An international team of scientists has achieved a major breakthrough in fishing sustainability on coral reefs which could play a vital role in preventing their collapse. “Fishermen and scientists have long wondered how many fish can be taken off a reef before it collapses, says Dr Nick Graham of the […]