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April 14, 2015
Interview With Dr. Guy Harvey Dr. Guy Harvey is a self-made artist, an accomplished marine scientist who is heavily involved in conservation efforts, as well as a successful business owner. His brand has become widely recognized throughout the country, and indeed in far-flung destinations around the world. Now, in a partnership with Gainesville Coins, Guy Harvey’s original artwork will […]

Artists fashion a treasure out of trash

By Kate Bradshaw | Tribune Staff Published: October 16, 2014     ST. PETERSBURG — The colorful sculpture towering above Poynter Park has a certain grace to it, though it’s meant to depict something menacing. Artists and University of South Florida marine scientists unveiled the 30-by-40-foot sculpture Wednesday and hope its vortex shape and recycled […]

September 29, 2014
These artists turn ocean trash into really classy art

By Amelia Urry 27 Sep 2014 8:30 AM The things we are doing to our ocean by and large ain’t pretty. From “plastic soup” to dead albatross babies, we’re stomping through the wild places of the world, leaving a trail of destruction and some really trashy driftwood. But a whole lot of ugly didn’t stop these four artists […]

December 14, 2012
Everyday Objects Photographed to Look Like Sea Creatures

Michael Zhang · Dec 08, 2012. The Pacific Trash Vortex, also known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” is an area the size of Texas in the Pacific ocean in which there’s 6 times the amount of plastic as there is natural plankton. Photographer Kim Preston wanted to draw attention to this growing problem, […]

September 12, 2012
This stunning underwater scene is made of wax, jelly beans, and toothpaste

Lauren Davis.  September 9, 2012 . Matthew Albanese specializes in photo trickery, sculpting detailed dioramas out of everything from garbage bags to jelly beans and lighting them in such a way that they look like natural landscapes. He’s built the surface of Mars from charcoal and paprika, turned ostrich feathers into weeping willows, and […]

Miami Beach Student Ocean Art

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