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July 16, 2014
Can sharks help predict hurricanes?

WFTV – Orlando, Fla. MIAMI —Wednesday, July 16, 2014 Researchers in Florida are testing an unorthodox method of forecasting hurricanes. They're trying to determine if sharks and other large fish can help them reliably predict the deadly storms. Hurricane Charley packed wicked winds and killed more than a dozen people. Ten years and millions of […]

May 20, 2013
Airline exposed as shark fin trafficker

MICHAEL FIELD. 5/05/2013. International airline Air Pacific – soon to be rebranded as Fiji Air – has been exposed as one of the world’s major carriers of shark fins into Hong Kong. In an extensive investigation, the South China Morning Post has reported that the airlines’ new Airbus A330 aircraft were, according to a […]

April 5, 2013
Artefacts offer Pacific shark species absence clues

3 April 2013. By Mark Kinver Environment reporter, BBC News Nineteenth Century tools made from sharks' teeth suggest that two species of shark used to populate the Central Pacific but are no longer present. Using artefacts from museums, a team of US researchers found that spot-tail and dusky sharks used to inhabit the reefs surrounding […]

March 28, 2013
‘Historic’ day for shark protection

By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent, BBC News Three types of critically endangered but commercially valuable shark have been given added protection at the Cites meeting in Bangkok. The body, which regulates trade in flora and fauna, voted by a two-thirds majority to upgrade the sharks' status. Campaigners hailed the move as historic and said the […]

December 14, 2012
Cook Islands’ shark sanctuary creates world’s largest

13 December 2012. The Cook Islands has approved a shark sanctuary in its waters, making for the largest such sanctuary in the world. The South Pacific island chain declared a 1.9 million-sq-km sanctuary, contiguous with one established last week by neighbouring French Polynesia. That sees a ban on shark fishing and possession or sale […]

September 13, 2012
How to Catch a Shark

By Madeline McCurry-Schmidt | September 12, 2012 | Researcher Eugenie Clark is 90 years old. Her office shelves are lined with gaping shark jaws. One is from a tiger shark. It bit her once—the only shark bite of her life. She was driving to talk to a student group, and the shark jaw sat on […]

September 12, 2012
Lemon sharks ‘learn’ skills by watching each other

9 September 2012 By Matt Bardo Reporter, BBC Nature. Lemon sharks have the ability to learn from each other’s behaviour, scientists have found. The team compared the performance of inexperienced juvenile sharks working with both trained and untrained partners. The results showed that sharks working with trained partners could complete tasks more quickly and successfully. […]

August 14, 2012
The Ten Weirdest-Named Shark Species

By Dan Nosowitz Posted 08.14.2012 at 2:16 pm. Popular Science Happy Shark Week! In honor of the One True American Holiday (all other holidays are less true, due to lower shark content), I spent about an hour reading about sharks on Wikipedia. Important findings from a solid morning’s research: sharks often have weird names. For […]

May 4, 2012
New shark species found in RAK

Martin Croucher. May 4, 2012 . DUBAI // A marine biologist hopes she may soon be lending her name to a new species of shark she discovered in UAE waters. Rima Jabado, who for the past two years has been cataloguing shark species in the Emirates’ waters, recently found the fish at a landing […]

April 27, 2012
Tiny Shark Has Glowing Belly

Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:50 AM ET Content provided by Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience Tiny sharks about the size of a human hand have a superpower of sorts: their bellies glow, according to new research that also showed these smalleye pygmy sharks use the glow to hide from predators lurking below. Scientists had proposed the smalleye […]