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April 29, 2015
Toy giant Mattel stops production of its SeaWorld-branded Barbie in response to ongoing controversy surrounding the treatment of whales at the water parks

24 April 2015. Toy giant Mattel has tossed its SeaWorld Barbie doll overboard, reportedly in response to the ongoing controversy surrounding the treatment of animals by the decades-old water park chain.  Mattel Inc has confirmed that it has ended production of its SeaWorld-themed items, including the original ‘trainer’ doll, a move cheered by animal rights group […]

February 6, 2015
Can a killer whale be a slave?

By Carl Safina. Wed February 4, 2015 (CNN)"Lolita's story reminded me of my own," says African-American actress and singer Robbyne Kaamil. "My own relatives, my family ancestors, were captured and forced into slavery." Captured in waters off Washington State in 1970, Lolita is an orca — a killer whale. Kaamil, who perceives clear parallels […]