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December 14, 2012
Everyday Objects Photographed to Look Like Sea Creatures

Michael Zhang · Dec 08, 2012. The Pacific Trash Vortex, also known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” is an area the size of Texas in the Pacific ocean in which there’s 6 times the amount of plastic as there is natural plankton. Photographer Kim Preston wanted to draw attention to this growing problem, […]

December 23, 2011
‘Single cells, single cells, plankton all the way’… Christmas card made from tiny sea creatures

By Lucy Buckland Last updated at 9:19 AM on 22nd December 2011 It certainly is a Christmas card with a difference. A marine scientist has produced this incredible Christmas card made from his own pictures of plankton. Dr Richard Kirby has created a festive scene including a decorated Christmas tree, bells, angels and even the […]