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January 27, 2012
Parrotfish mediation in coral mortality and bioerosion by the encrusting, excavating sponge Cliona tenuis

Abstract The parrotfish Sparisoma viride often grazes live coral from edges undermined by the Caribbean encrusting and excavating sponge Cliona tenuis. To test whether parrotfish biting action has an effect on the dynamics of the sponge–coral interaction, we manipulated access of parrotfishes to the sponge–coral border in two species of massive corals. When parrotfish had […]

December 1, 2011
Reef Fact: December 1, 2011- Parrotfish

Reef Fact: The queen parrotfish (Scarus vetula) is one of the many parrotfish species that secrete a mucus cocoon before they sleep to help hide their scent from predators. Help protect reef species by joining Reef Relief today   Fact source: