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Marine Science Careers

Key Points:

What is Marine Science?

Who can you work for?

Government, Non profit, Business, University, Individual

Job fields:



-In the field


-Environmental Law

-Influencing policy decisions with scientific evidence

-Marine protected areas and fishing regulations

Education and Outreach


-Spreading awareness to communities



-Coral and ecosystem restoration

Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release

-Marine mammals

-Sea Turtles

-Sea birds



-Fish collecting

-Commercial fishing

-Charter Captain

How to choose a career?


Name that “Ology”

Name that ‘Ology’

Name that ‘Ology’- Answers

Job Descriptions

Job Description Match

Job Description Match- Answers

Resources: We asked over 30 professionals in the marine science field to give you all information on their jobs, how they got started, and important aspects of their job! Take a look!

Marine Science Careers Booklet