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Shark Biology and Conservation:

Key Points:

-What is a Shark?

-How are they different from bony fish?

-How do they stay buoyant?

-Where do sharks live?

-What senses do sharks have?

-Two extra senses

-Why are sharks threatened?

-How can we help sharks?


-Worksheet 1 Shark Senses

Shark senses- Worksheet 1 

Shark senses- Worksheet 1- ANSWERS

Work sheet 2 Shark Jaws

Match the Shark to its Jaw!- Worksheet 2

Match the Shark to its Jaw!-ANSWERS

Activity link: *Reminder to get your materials together before Friday*


Videos: (Sharks 101) Skip to 11:20 to see a Mako Shark that ate a local Fishermans swordfish in Key West, FL. (PreK- elementary) (elementary- middle school)