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Lesson 3: Mangrove Ecosystems

Key Points:

-What is a mangrove?

-How are they different from other plants?

-Where are mangroves found?

-What is a propagule?

-Red, Black, and White mangroves

-What are the differences between the three species of mangroves?

-How do mangroves live in salt water?

-What animals live in a mangrove ecosystem?

-Why are mangroves important?

-What is threatening mangrove ecosystems?

-What can we do to protect our mangrove ecosystems?

Worksheets for video:

-Venn Diagram: Comparing Coral Reefs to Mangroves Ecosystems Worksheet 1:

Coral Reef vs. Mangrove Ecosystems- Worksheet 1

-Match the Animal to its Habitat Worksheet 2A and 2B: Print out both PDFS 

Animal cut outs- 2A

Marine Ecosystems worksheet- 2B

-Red Mangrove Life Cycle Worksheet 3:

Red Mangrove Lifecycle- Worksheet 3


Coral Reef vs. Mangrove Ecosystems- ANSWERS

Red Mangrove Lifecycle- Worksheet 3- ANSWERS

*Reminder of Ecosystem Journal Activity* Click Here to get journal instructions 

Follow up activity (Activity Credit: PBS Kids). These PBS games are a great way to learn more about mangrove ecosystems all over the world: 

1.) Watch the Plum Landing Video here:

2.) Click the link to make your own mangrove:

3.) Click this link and discover what lives in a mangrove ecosystem:

Extra videos to watch:

(Elementary and Middle)

(Elementary and Middle)

(Elementary and Middle)

(PreK through Elementary)

Additional Resources: