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Reef Relief Mill McCleary speaks to the crowd








  crowd gathers in stepd of old capitol

color fish line the Captiol steps

(Tallahassee, FL) –Wednesday, February 18, 2015

About 300 people gathered at the Historic Capitol to support clean water in Florida and to tell legislators that they “WE WANT CLEAN WATER” and the best way to get it is to “BUY THE LAND”.  Chants of “Amendment 1 Is Not Your Slush Fund" and “We want clean water” rang out from the crowd of supports from across the state.

Supporters waved signs with messages like “Protect Our Water” “Honor Our Vote” and “Clean Water is Our Right.” Speakers including Reef Relief’s Mill McCleary  invoked “the spirit of Amendment 1” making clear that Florida’s voters believe in protecting our land and water and that Floridians have the right to clean water.

After listening to speakers for several hours at the “Rally in Tally,” attendees separated into regional groups to visit their state representatives. Reef Relief board members and staff meet with Florida Keys Representative Holly Raschein to emphasize the need to purchase land to clean polluted water released south from Lake Okeechobee.  They stressed the connection between water quality and the health of coral reefs and the communities who make a living through fishing and tourism.

To learn more about the Floridian’s Clean Water Declaration and clean water for Florida visit