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Dear Southeast FL coastal residents and visitors,

We are excited to announce the launch of the Our Florida Reefs coastal and ocean use survey! This survey is being conducted as part of a local initiative for our area, known as Our Florida Reefs.

Please follow this link to register  or visit the Our Florida Reefs webpage at and click on the MAPPING tab.

WHAT: We are collecting information on how you enjoy the reefs in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin counties. By providing information on where you fish, dive, boat, surf, etc. you will be part of the data used by the Our Florida Reefs Community Working Groups to enhance recommendations on managing our reefs to better balance resource use and protection.

HOW: When you enter your e-mail address at the web address above, you will be sent a personal link to your survey. This link will allow you to access the survey as many times as needed. All of your work will be saved and you will be able to open and edit your survey until it is complete. Once the "submit" button is selected, however, it is considered finalized and you may no longer edit your survey.

Please share this survey with friends and family! We want everyone in the region to have a chance to be involved and tell us how they use our Florida reefs. Thank you for taking the time to contribute your valuable information to the Our Florida Reefs community planning process.



The Our Florida Reefs Team
[email protected]

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