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Wednesday, October 1

5-5:30 pm at both locations:

In Ft. Myers:  FDEP South District Office2295 Victoria Avenue, Ft. Myers, FL 33902
Reef Relief's Vice-President, Dave Kirwin will be speaking for Reef Relief at this event.

In Ft. Pierce:  FDEP Branch Office, 337 N. U.S. Hwy 1, Ft. Pierce, FL 3495

This Friday, Oct. 3, is the deadline for FDEP and SFWMD comments to the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) on the Sugar Hill Sector Plan – the DEO process is such that denial is impossible without negative comments from the agencies.

Despite what you may have seen/heard from Hendry County, all of the U.S. Sugar property in the Sugar Hill Sector Plan is included in the contract to buy U.S. Sugar land for Everglades restoration and the protection of the estuaries.  Some of that property is for restoration projects and the rest of it is for swapping to get the non-U.S. Sugar lands in the EAA needed to send clean water south.  Check out the attached materials!

Join us to deliver a loud, clear message to FDEP, SFWMD and the Governor:
Stop the Harm
Buy the Land
Send Water South
Fund it Now
Save the Estuaries
Save the Everglades
Sugar Hill Sector Plan_All Options_US Sugar Land Purchase
Florida "Slime Crime Tracker":
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