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Goodsearch donates money to your favorite cause when you search the Internet, shop online or dine out at local restaurants! Use to search the Internet and they donate a penny per search to Reef Relief. Use when you shop online and they donate a percentage of every purchase and offer over 100,000 coupons to help you save money too! Sign up for their Gooddining program and they'll donate a percentage of your restaurant bill when you eat at any one of thousands of participating restaurants. It's really easy; it's free and turns simple everyday actions into a way to make the world a better place. Please sign up today to help me support Reef Relief.

Go to to get started.

Other ways to give:

Swipe your card at 50,000 locations & up to 3% goes to Reef Relief


Play games to support Reef Relief earn a penny when you play 3 times


Watch a tv ad to support Reef Relief


Take a survey and earn about $1 for Reef Relief


Complete an offer and raise up to $10 for Reef Relief


Dine at 10,000+ restaurants
and up to 6% of your bill goes to Reef Relief


Simply do good when you shop

Visit any of our 2,500 major retail partner sites and automatically get up to 20% of your purchase donated to Reef Relief