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Tuesday @ Fort Zach
This is the day we have snorkel school. We walk from the Eco-Discovery center and have lunch at the picnic tables. During lunch we go over the do’s and dont’s of snorkeling. Having this take place at the beach makes it much easier for the kids to learn. Especially since we have a few new snorkelers each week.

Thursday and Friday @ Eastern Dry Rocks
There was barely any current, waves, or wind and the water clarity was amazing. Almost all of the kids got into the water and most of us saw a 6 foot nurse shark. It was an amazing sight. So many of the kids recognized the species of fish and were able to name them. They were also able to name most of the coral they saw as well. They were able to raise the sail on Fury and sang songs on Seabago. They love to snorkel as much as they love to swim.