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This last Saturday, Reef Relief organized a community clean up through out the mangroves of Little Hamaca Park. Even though only 7 of us were involved in this clean up, around 550 pounds of trash was picked at this nationally protected park. I have to say that we made at least a little bit of a difference in our marine environment with those 4 hours of being out there. We hope that others will also realize that these clean ups aren’t just benefiting those who use the park, but it also is benefiting the whole community of Key West, Florida. Many do not know that when we litter that trash will eventually find its way to the ocean. As we all know tropical storms are pretty common around here and the run off from the rain storms is one of the main causes of pollution in the ocean. This pollution can cause Carbon Dioxide to increase in the waters, which would also increase our Global Warming issue. These problems alone can destroy everyone of our ecosystems in Key West destroying it piece by piece. More people need and should get involved with clean ups such as the one we just had. Every little bit helps and can make a huge difference!