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The past couple days have consisted of nonstop planning for Coral Camp, which begins Monday, June 10th.Coral Camp is for kids ages 6-12 and is a week long camp that teaches kids in a fun and educational way about the marine environment. Each day, campers will experience hands-on learning, interactive games and group activities. In addition, exciting field trips like snorkeling through out the reefs! Campers visit the offshore coral reef, meet marine life at the Key West Aquarium, and go on an interpretive shoreline walk.

Finally, today is the last day of planning for the camp! It has be strenuous on all of us but everything has really come together for us. What we have worked on the past week are powerpoint presentations on each topic we will be presenting to the kids, experiments that go along with the topics that we will be talking about, fun activities that relate to marine science like arts & crafts, and quizzes. We have made up select quizzes for the different age groups like 6-9, 10-12, and if the kids feel as if they want to test their knowledge on what they already know or have learned the past week on marine science we also have our advance and extra advance quizzes. The first day of camp the kids will take their select quiz to see how much they already know about marine science and at the end of the week they will take that exact quiz again to see how much they have learned from Coral Camp. By comparing the quizzes from the beginning and end, we will be able to see if our educational activities and teaching skills are improving the kids’ knowledge on this select topic.

Today we will be running last minute errands and finalizing all of the lectures. Can’t wait till Monday :):)!