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The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) has embarked on a process to potentially declare some conservation lands as surplus, and subsequently sell or trade them, or dedicate lands to uses other than the conservation purposes for which they were purchased.
Unlike the Land Assessments recently conducted by the St. Johns River Water Management District and Southwest Florida Water Management District, the staff at SFWMD is not releasing a information that  reveals which parcels may be proposed to be declared surplus. Instead, SFWMD is starting by asking for public comments on ALL of its conservation land holdings.  This presents a certain danger, in that it is possible the district could interpret “no response” from the public in regard to a particular parcel as “disinterest”, or an indication that the public, environmental and conservation organizations, do not care enough about that parcel to comment.  Such parcels where “people don’t seem to care” could be at a greater risk for surplus disposal. 

It is essential that the SFWMD receive substantial comments from numerous organizations and individuals evaluating these properties and recommending their retention as Conservation Lands. Comments should expressly recommend that properties not be declared surplus, and should state in particular why retention of these properties serves the “core missions” of the SFWMD:  Flood Control, Water Quality protection/improvements, Water Supply, Natural Resource protection and restoration.

Comments MUST be submitted through the electronic forms on the District’s Web Page.  You can access the web page, review detailed descriptions and many photographs of each of the properties, and submit comments at:

The District is accepting public comments on the land portfolio for the West Coast region through May 28th. PLEASE COMMENT TODAY!
Public Meetings

KISSIMMEE / OKEECHOBEE   5/30/2013 and 5/31/2013 details below

EAST COAST 6/26/2013  Check SFWMD website for details

WEST COAST  7/30/2013  Check SFWMD website for details

EVERGLADES 8/28/201  Check SFWMD website for details

Land Assessment Public Workshop: West Coast Assessment Region
May 22, 2013  10AM to  12PM
SFWMD Fort Myers Service Center
2301 McGregor Blvd. Fort Myers, Florida 33901

Kissimmee/Okeechobee Region Land Assessment 2nd Meeting
District staff shall provide information regarding the land assessment process and District lands within the Kissimmee/Okeechobee Region
May 30, 2013   10:00am
SFWMD St. Cloud Field Station
3800 Old Canoe Creek Road
St.Cloud, FL 34769
Contact: Andrea Schluter, [email protected]

Kissimmee/Okeechobee Region Land Assessment 2nd Meeting
District staff shall provide information regarding the land assessment proces.
May 31, 2013 10:00am
SFWMD Okeechobee Service Center
3800 NW 16th Boulevard
Okeechobee, FL 34972
Contact Information: Andrea Schluter, [email protected]
More information about the process is available at