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Green Fire Productions new film, Ocean Frontiers, will broaden your view of ocean stewardship. It’s a big job that requires nationwide cooperation, and unexpected champions are emerging, from farmers to commercial fishermen.

At a time when conservation is often equated with job destruction and our country is paralyzed by a code of no-compromise, Ocean Frontiers shows what happens when unusual allies work together to protect our largest natural resource. It chronicles four innovative local programs, from an ocean blueprint in the Florida Keys to the alliance that is improving the health of the Gulf of Mexico by changing agricultural practices upstream.

Ocean Frontiers is an educational tool and a call to get involved in ocean protection.

You can start by watching the film or hosting a screening. Then consider writing Congress to urge ongoing investments in smart ocean policy.

To stay informed about ocean news and events in your area, join Ocean Frontiers on Facebook or follow them on Twitter

View the trailer:

View clip on Florida Keys: