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By on March 30, 2012 in DAILY GREEN


8 Q’s & A’s for South Florida

MEET THE LOCALS introduces us to the local, dedicated & inspiring people out there working in some capacity for the Environment. Each month South Florida Green News will feature a different person -usually a local. We will ask each interviewee the same set of five questions, plus three more that they chose from a list we provide! In January it is Mill McCleary

Mill is the Executive Program Director at Reef Relief in Key West. Reef Relief got to work in the Keys protecting reef in 1987 and their history is impressive and their outreach is far and wide. Any friend of the reef is a friend worth having! Here is a mini interview with Mill.


1)     What is your website or is there one you would like to recommend?

2)     What environmental policies would you like to see Florida adapt tomorrow? Stronger water quality standards, shutting down ocean sewage outfalls, expanded storm water treatments, permanent protection from offshore oil and gas drilling

3)      What green policy have you seen adapted in a place outside of Florida that you liked? Permanent protection from offshore and inshore oil drilling in Chesapeake Bay

4)      Favorite beach or outdoor spot in Florida? Florida Keys Barrier Reef

5)     Please finish the following sentence, I Love the Ocean because…. it supports all life on Earth.

6)    Biggest change you have made in your life to lessen your carbon footprint? Riding my bike or walking everyday

7)     Book or Film you like to recommend? The Cove

8)      Favorite local place to revive yourself and charge your batteries? Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

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