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Every SCUBA diver knows that urge to get wet again… you just feel it. That urge hits some sooner than others and I can say that it tends to hit my wife sooner than I. I can safely say that it’s time to start planning your next dive trip when your wife starts finding seahorses in a bag of Cheeto’s and saves them to show them to you. Talk about a HINT!
My wife found this rare specimen in a bag about a month ago. Of course, my first reaction was to stuff it in my face and enjoy that salty, cheezy, crunchy experience that is a long step down from a hot-n-crispy conch fritter but I didn’t.
After a great deal of arguing with my wife who goes diving with the #1 goal of finding that elusive seahorse, we are pleased to offer this yet-to-be-identified and certainly fully preserved specimen for your enjoyment.
We read this evening that a McDonalds Chicken McNugget that shares a resemblance to George Washington now has bids over $350! I mean, Really. No.. Really? Heck, this Cheeto must be worth a million $ to someone who seeks and cherishes not only the rarest but the yet-to-be-identified of seahorses.
This one-of-a-kind specimen is offered with FREE SHIPPING. 100% of the sale proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organization REEF RELIEF based in Key West, Florida that is celebrating its 25TH ANNIVERSARY this year. Feel free to visit their website and learn of all the great things this organization does.
Shipping insurance can be purchased by you for the amount of your winning bid in the event you are worried about mice/rats devouring this treasure while it makes its way through the US postal system to your door. E-Bay Item # 330692286382
Bidding starts at 1 cent!
Support Reef Relief!