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Carbon Footprint:
Carbon Footprint Calculator
American’s create a whopping 50,000 pounds of carbon a year, that includes emissions from the home, car, air travel and everyday living. At Carbon Fund you can help fight climate change by calculating your footprint, and offsetting it.

GoZero Carbon Calculator
Estimates are that as much as 50% of the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide over the last 50 years may be due to the loss of millions of acres of  forests, farmland and natural landscapes. The Conservation Fund allows you to calculate and reduce your footprint while helping TCF with reforestation and restoration of forestland.

SafeClimate Calculator
This tool from World Resources Institute allows you to calculate and monitor your carbon emissions progress over time.

This carbon offset organization provide three calculators: DriveNeutral, FlyNeutral and HomeNeutral helping you to reduce your car’s carbon footprint. For dive travel clients, you can use their FlyNeutral offset – your clients will receive Fly Neutral luggage tags that show they have offset their trip. Come back to the site for every trip booked.

Sustainable Seafood:
Sustainable Seafood Choices
Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch offers guidelines for selecting sustainable seafood.

Super Green List
Also check out the latest guide: Monterey Aquarium’s Super Green List offers suggestions on seafood that is low in toxins (good for you) and sustainable (good for the ocean).

Seafood Selector/Sushi Guide
Environmental Defense Fund offers printable pocket guides you can take to the grocery store or dining establishment.

NOAA Fishwatch
Fact about US Seafood to help you make better choices.

Green Accommodations:
Sustainable Travel International
Global Stewards

Sustainable Diving Practices:
Environmentally-Friendly Diving
Environmentally-Friendly Snorkeling
Good Practices for Turtle Watching
Good Practices for Whale Watching