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From Reef Rescue

Your many hundreds of emails may have helped the Florida Senate see the light. Bill SB 796 was never brought up for a vote and died as this years Florida legislative session came to an end.

The intent of bill SB 796 was to delay the implementation of 2008 Ocean Outfall Legislation that curtails the practice of discharging partially treated sewage into southeast Florida coastal waters. If passed the bill would have allowed the dumping to continue until 2030.

An identical bill (HB 613) made it through the Florida House of Representatives and passed 93-18 on April 15. Click here to see how your representatives voted:

For background on this issue see:

Thank you all for your vocal opposition against this attempt to prolong ocean sewage discharges onto southeast Florida coral reefs and coastal resources.

Reef Rescue

is a volunteer, non-profit, grassroots conservation organization dedicated to protecting the coral reef resources of south Florida. Formed by a handful of local scuba divers from south Florida our ranks have expanded worldwide to include divers and non-divers alike; comprised by all who share a commitment to protect the imperiled coral reef resources for future generations.