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Reef Relief was well represented at Florida Oceans Day 2011 held at the state Capitol last Tuesday, March 22nd.

Policy and Projects Director Paul Johnson was joined at our booth by Florida Keys State Representative Ron Saunders on the 3rd Floor Rotunda. “Coral Reefs are one of our signature ecosystems of importance to the state”, said Paul Johnson. “Oceans Day is a great opportunity to show them off to all our state legislators and the many visitors of the state Capitol while they are in session”. Reef Relief was joined by marine and coastal organizations from around the state, including the Florida Ocean Alliance, Mote Marine Laboratory, Florida Coastal and Oceans Coalition (which Reef Relief is a Steering Committee member of), Florida Institute of Oceanography, Florida Sea Grant , Gulf of Mexico Alliance, and many others to bring recognition and focus on the environmental and economic importance of our states Oceans. For more information and photos go to