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Paul Johnson, the Director of Policy and Special Projects of Reef Relief, has published an Op-Ed article in (link above). Paul’s article discusses the need for a comprehensive ocean policy, and how that has affected our ability to respond to the catastrophe that is the BP oil spill.

The Florida Coastal and Ocean Coalition will also be hosting a one-day conference on the related issue, entitled “ Florida Coastal and Ocean Conference — An Ocean State of Mine” on June 18th. Johnson mentions in the article that, “the goal of the conference is to explore solutions to key issues facing Florida’s coasts and oceans, including: marine spatial planning, water quality, future of Florida’s sandy beaches, marine ecosystems and fisheries, and ocean policy and governance.”

The conference will provide a medium in which scientist, key policymakers, managers, and regular citizens can discuss the issues and solutions of the Gulf oil spill. If you happen to be in the area, and are able to attend, check it out.

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Conference info
What: “Florida Coastal and Ocean Conference – An Ocean State of Mine,” a one-day conference

When: Friday
Where: Hotel Duval, 415 N. Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Fl
Cost: $75
To register: Go to

About the Author:
Paul Johnson of Crawfordville is director of policy and special projects of the environmental organization Reef Relief, based in Key West, and a Steering Committee member of the Florida Coastal and Oceans Coalition, which includes environmental, civic, business and outdoor organizations and individuals from around the state. Go to or contact Johnson at [email protected].