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September 2, 2014
Battle for the Reef

By Marian Wilkinson and Ali Russell. Four Corners and reporter Marian Wilkinson take you inside the agency that approved one of the most contentious environmental decisions this year. In January, the body tasked with protecting the Great Barrier Reef approved a plan to dump three million cubic metres of dredge spoil inside the marine […]

August 27, 2014
Lower Keys Coral Bleaching Report (August 22, 2014)

VICE Magazine Vol. 21 No. 8         . Having been preoccupied with the Miami Coral Rescue Mission this summer, we finally made our first excursion to the Lower Keys this summer on Friday August 22. Sadly, we found that a distressingly high percentage of corals living on the reefs in Hawk Channel […]

Reef Relief announces new multi-lingual reef etiquette guide

For Immediate Release                                   Contact: Reef Relief 305-294-3100 (Key West, FL) –Monday, August 11, 2014 Reef Relief announces a new resource to make visits to our reefs “reef –friendly”. Coral reefs here in the FL Keys are experienced by visitors from around the globe. A guide has been developed with funding from the FL DEP's […]

July 14, 2013
Big Green Bus

We were able to have the Big Green Bus come visit us here at Reef Relief on July 5th. Thank you guys so much for visiting us!

July 10, 2013
Coral Camp 2013 Key West Wildlife Center

Wild Life Center and the Aquarium Week 4

June 12, 2013
Tuesday, Coral Camp 2013 Week 1

We started off camp with a lesson on Water Quality. The kids learned what it meant to have good water and why it’s important. The kids were enthusiastic about the health of the environment as well as sharing stories. After the basics of snorkeling, the donated Taxi service took us and the kids to the […]

June 6, 2013
Coral Camp 2013

Next week is the beginning of the first week of Coral Camp 2013. Two other interns and I came to Key West, Florida for the summer to help Reef Relief educate kids from 6-12 years of age on the marine environment. Our main mission is to conserve and protect our surrounding marine environment and teach […]

Opportunities to have fun diving this summer while helping to protect Florida’s coral reefs

Calling all divers!! There are many opportunities to have fun diving this summer while helping to protect southeast Florida’s coral reefs. The Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative is organizing a series of reef cleanups throughout Southeast Florida this July. Joining the fun is easy, just contact one of the participating dive charters to register. We hope […]