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January 30, 2014
ACITON ALERT: Stop Killing More Sea Turtles in the Hawaiian Longline Swordfish Fishery petition Your help is needed now to reverse a decision by the U. S. government to increase the number of sea turtles that Hawaiian longline fishing can catch or kill in their pursuit of swordfish. Sea turtles in the Pacific are in danger of being driven to extinction from fisheries bycatch. The survival of […]

July 10, 2012
Turtle tragedy: Work crews crush thousands of leatherback eggs, hatchlings on Trinidad beach

By Associated Press, Published: July 9 KINGSTON, Jamaica — Thousands of leatherback turtle eggs and hatchlings have been crushed by heavy machinery along a Trinidad beach widely regarded as the world’s densest nesting area for the biggest of all living sea turtles, conservationists said Monday. Government work crews with bulldozers were redirecting the Grand Riviere, a […]

May 17, 2012
Jellyfish key to Pacific leatherback turtle survival

By Crystal Gammon OurAmazingPlanet updated 5/16/2012 5:41:14 PM ET When it comes to leatherback turtles, the world’s largest species of sea turtle, there’s a conundrum: The species itself is critically endangered, but at least one leatherback population is stable — on the rise, even — while others plummet. Now, researchers may have discovered why some […]