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By: Capitol News Service
February 18, 2015

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Water quality legislation will be at the forefront of the 2015 legislative session. Voters who made sure there would be conservation money in place now want lawmakers to know they can’t spend it any way they want.

Chanting and holding signs with demands for lawmakers, conservationists and clean water supporters took to the Capitol Steps to get their messages out. Many of the people, like Bob Fellman, traveled hundreds of miles to voice concerns about their water.

“The water is relatively in good shape in some areas and it’s on the declining side in other areas,” said Fellman, from Venice, FL.

William Wallace traveled to the Capitol from Bay County because he doesn't want his water to be mucked up for future generations.
“Well, water is important, water is life and it’s very important that we protect it,” he said.