Big Kids Coral Camp

Applications are currently CLOSED

*Campers are selected based on the application questions they answer so, please take your time while filling out the packet. Return campers do not have a guaranteed spot.

This camp is designed for the aspiring marine scientist aged 10-14. Campers will practice collecting scientific data through fish counts, observations, water quality monitoring, and other methods throughout the week. They will also be observing various marine ecosystems around the Key West and the Dry Tortugas National Park in order to compare and contrast the anthropogenic factors in the areas.

Campers will spend three days and two nights in the Dry Tortugas National Park in primitive camp sites. Campers will be expected to help with daily tasks for the group. The other two days will be spent in the local Key West waters. Participants in Big Kids Coral Camp will be snorkeling every day and receive various marine science lessons throughout the week. Their retention will be measured by a pre and post quiz.

Space is extremely limited so all applications may not be accepted. We hope to add more Big Kids Coral Camp weeks in the following summers.